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Saturday marked the start of my last week in my second trimester, week 27!

To KICK things off I got KICKED out of my “living situation” with less than 30 days to find other “accommodations”. Oh! And nevermind that it’s my GODMOTHER giving the boot to me, me 7 months pregnant.

Incidentally I haven’t had a decent night of sleep in months. Silly me I thought these nine months before baby would be spent catching up on some necessary naptime. Nooope. Not only to naps but sleeping in general! I mean, with my baby bump bigger than ever getting comfy is quite the chore, especially with sore ribs from all the baby movements or rather PUNCHES and what can only be construed as DROP ROUNDHOUSE KICKS!

So no resting BUT HEY! that morning sickness I thought I had totally missed out on at the beginning of my pregnancy is in full swing…oh good, I was worried had missed out on joining in on THAT fun.

I AM BIG AS A BOAT AND SICK AS A GOAT! (I mean SICK AS A DOG but GOAT rhymed, so yeah.)
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