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April 2014


*sigh* Consider me a princess…….a Hipster one though.


So I havent been an online presence much these past days (weeks?) but I a great dose of inspiration this week! I finally sold some of my older clips on my clips4sale store PLUS my blackmail clip! ¬†AND I finally… Continue Reading →

I FINALLY got that blackmail clip DONE!

  You can interpret this snapshot from MY BLACKMAIL as pure relief, pure satisfaction OR pure evil….. Just as long as you go experience my first ever, ONE AND ONLY clip: MY BLACKMAIL Remember this YOUTUBE video?

Nite Flirt! Created a profile page to go with my IGNORE LINE

  Check out my NITEFLIRT

Miss Page? Not unless this is study hall…

More like Ms. Page. For two reasons, 1) the other way, “miss” looks like I’m substitute teaching and 2) Janet Jackson with help from trusty ol Urbandictionary. I just can’t confidently sport “Goddess” or “Princess” in front of my name… Continue Reading →

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