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December 2014

Call me……Page?

  Last night, late night, I got on cam after a few days of psyching myself up (or out). See, I wanted to try something that would help make hopping on cam more fun. I thought if I were playing… Continue Reading →


Social media is an obligation more then anything. I mean my Facebook got hacked this past week and it took me until this week to fix it. I wasn’t really that bummed. I see Facebook as a necessary evil, no… Continue Reading →

The DO’s and DON’Ts of being a camgirl via YouTube

Webcam models have some of the best personalities (or worst) depending on how you perceive their videos. Some viewers want a smart, genuine back and forth while others may want purely an experience of sexy. ¬†Either way, a personalty can… Continue Reading →

I made it 3 years, 3 bumpy years

Exactly three years ago I started my MFC (Myfreecams) “adventure”… “misadventure”? Hmm…SO anyway, December 2011 is when I officially signed up and cammed for the first time on the MFC site. Now I am not brand new to the “cam-game”… Continue Reading →

How to spot a PORNSTAR

Pornography is not an easy business. It requires a constant supply of fresh new talent, an eye for new trends in fetishes and desires, a willingness to stand up against the hypocritical anger of your customer base, and a familiarity… Continue Reading →

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