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January 2015


Well if you didn’t know this about me let me inform you, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! I have my whole life and I’m actually not that bad at it. I occasionally forget this hobby/passion until I find myself NEEDING it! When does… Continue Reading →

Mommy Fearest

Let me start by saying I am no stranger to oddballs and by no means do I pass as a normal or non-oddity. That being said I encountered the oddest, by far, webcam session I ever took part in my… Continue Reading →

Why you should check out this site: mygirlfundDOTcom

“Why am I on this site?”  I got this question often when I first started on MyGirlfund and eventually it made me realize that a clear cut goal would be the best use of this website. I felt it also… Continue Reading →

Happy YEAR

My first written words of 2015 and its already a better year than last! How? Well, um….I don’t know,but last year was a real B word. Ugh. This year is better because it just has to be. It’s a fresh… Continue Reading →

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