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May 2015

Niteflirt….testing testing 1..2..6?

click here I am in the process of learning how to design my profiles, many many profiles with HTML and whatnot. Bare with me!


This time 3 years ago I was podcasting it up with my girl Cassie Ramone! Remember? It was confusing, misguided, all around awful-entertaining shit. Please follow me (and feedback me if you want!) at @xxxpage

Girl+Girl=Bonerville, USA

Now ignore the confusing equation in the title that is also a fake location somehow and watch this HOT slideshow! Grab these goodies here

Review of the Week: Fifty Shades of Gray Book vs Movie

Fifty Shades of Gray: The Book On a scale of 1-10 1 being old text book from junior high quality, pencilled in dicks and curse words included AND 10 being “Wait! I’m reading? Neat! I would say the book is… Continue Reading →

Jersey Chasers: Definiton AND What it means to be one NOW as opposed to the EIGHTIES

A Jersey Chaser is a girl who literally chases after jerseys, but with professional athletes in them! A spawn of the fangirl nation, a Jersey Chaser was far and few between due to the 3 requirements in order to “hang”… Continue Reading →

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