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October 2015

I enter my first contest! #MygirlfundMonday #NSFW

So, guys can hold contests within the site itself (members only of course!). As long as some monetary prize is placed ANYTHING can be asked or “contested”. Girls are highly encouraged to participate and A LOT do! I entered this… Continue Reading →

Just try harder!=BULLSHIT #adhdawareness

October 12: People with attention deficit DO try hard — as one ADHDer puts it, “You have no idea how hard I try!” Here’s to all of you with ADHD who work every day to succeed, excel, and thrive! How… Continue Reading →

Support goes a LONG way! #adhdawareness

October 11: “No biggie,” eh? Wrong — from school to work to relationships, people with ADHD may face significant challenges all through life. Readers share what that feels Understanding and support go a long way — so thanks to… Continue Reading →

#adhdawareness catch up

October 6: “He’s just being a kid! He’ll outgrow it.” Will kids with attention deficit need lifelong treatment? Possibly: Two-thirds of children diagnosed with ADHD will continue to grapple with the condition into adulthood. Find out more about “outgrowing” attention… Continue Reading →

Totally hyperated! #adhdawareness

October 5: “You can’t have ADHD! You’re not hyper.” People think of ADHDers as the loud, impulsive, active ones. But many of us struggle with ADHD inattentive type, a quieter variant that causes difficulty concentrating, getting organized, and following through… Continue Reading →

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