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October 2015

30 things I learned before 30

Now it’s quite a few months before the big 3-0 BUT I am not dreading it like most!  I am looking forward to it more than turning 18 or 21 years old. I am so sick of my twenties. Especially after… Continue Reading →

Yikes! #adhdawareness

October 4: “You call it ADHD, I call it bad parenting.” We’ve heard all kinds of theories about parenting skills and ADHD — don’t let ignorance get you down. You’re working hard to be the best parent you can be,… Continue Reading →

Fake, childish, and just downright bad behaving! #adhdawareness

October 3: There’s more to attention deficit than disruptive behavior — in fact, many ADHDers don’t display it at all. So if ADHD isn’t a behavior disorder…what is it? Find out. Spread the word. Change some minds for the… Continue Reading →

Aaaaaaand done.

I quit smoking!    I started smoking when I was about 14 years old. I maybe smoked 5 total cigerettes and each one wasn’t for taking the edge off a hard day of middle school. No, they were for show… Continue Reading →


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