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July 2016

Mygirlfund’s Monday Blog: A Rubik’s Cube rube.

I should’ve known I wasn’t gonna be able to comprehend instructions in a “how to” video about solving a rubik’s cube when they said color has little to do with the toy. It’s about knowing the names of the moves…OH!… Continue Reading →

Who is Mygirlfund really for?

Read Larry Durgess' answer to What do guys get out of an adult social network like What needs does an online relationship (virtual girlfriend) fulfill? on Quora

#FetishFriday on Mygirlfund

I declare this to be Friday, the day of the fetish! And what better and more well known fetish than that of the foot! I think the ultimate foot experience would be the FOOT JOB. During my stint as a… Continue Reading →

What NOT to do while waiting for your adderall to kick in

My list of what NOT to do while waiting for your adderall to kick in! 1, 2, and 3) Logging onto those social media sites, texting/BBM’ing half of your phonebook, and logging onto “messengers” whatever the hell you have if… Continue Reading →


If you don’t click on this image you are not a proud American at all. hopes you fall for reverse psychology

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