Now it’s quite a few months before the big 3-0 BUT I am not dreading it like most!  I am looking forward to it more than turning 18 or 21 years old. I am so sick of my twenties. Especially after having my half birthday this past September 22nd! I learned a lot this past 30, hell just the past decade!


 1) Boys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses!
2)It’s OK to judge a book by its cover SOMETIMES.
3) You are your own worst critic.
4)College isn’t for everyone.
5) There is such a thing as TOO high!
6) “There’s an app for that.”
7)Tattoos are incredibly painful to get but always worth the pain.


9) The “n-word” is more like the “nothing” word compared some others…

10)How to walk in high heels: heel-toe, heel- toe.
11)Religion is for those that fear hell. Spirituality is for those that have already been there.
12) Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me….unless I allow it.
13)How to love and how to hate. Two different words but with shared actions and/or intentions.
14) But also how to be loved and how to deal with being hated.
15) True originality is a myth, it’s as extinct as the dodo! But remixes, rewrites, edits are what keep the creative culture alive and well.
16) Different colored liquor will result in different reactions whilst intoxicated. Careful!
17) Success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of 10,000 hours aka an OUTLIERS!
18) A lot more people than you think (at the time) don’t attend Prom. It’s OK.
19) Writers block gets unblocked. Eventually….then blocked again. Then..
20) That some people are sociopath and what this means is they have no conscience or ability to participate in the act of LOVE or feeling loved.
21) Men really have to be from Mars and women from Venus. It is the only explanation for the differences in every aspect of life!
22) Learning to cut your own bangs is a necessity like learning how to check your oil or change a tire.tumblr_m8ljejR04d1qjlr14
23) Failing to plan is planning to fail.
24) A goal without a plan is just a wish.
25) That scripture about doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is my creed for life.
26) “Thank you” and “Please” get you a lot further than without those basic manners.
27) Women’s intuition is SERIOUS.
28) I may have some regrets but they are/were necessary. Some life lessons just need to be learned the hard way or they won’t be learned.

29) A dog can be the most important thing in your life, best friend level shit and it isn’t even pathetic. (Now cats PLURAL would be. But again, not dogs. Never.)

30) Thirty will be the best decade yet! Sexually (women’s libido peak at 30 until about 35) the best!