Morning Breath– Sex positions that aren’t face to face are best. Doggie Style, Reverse Cowgirl, etc. Or just do some mutual oral action. (Not “69”….Unless you are in 1969!)

BRIGHT sun-shiny day– I know guys don’t care either way about “doing it with the lights off” but women do. Or do they? Did you know 1 in 3 visitors to porn sites is females? That means that most women will be just as ready as guys to see some skin. So don’t assume that lighting will be an issue!

The shower situation, or lack there of– Male underarm musk is a natural libido booster for females….approach testing STANK-appeal with caution! Then again a warm shower makes blood rush to the surface of the skin, making it extra-tingly! You’re call!

soapy soapy2 soapy3
Bed Head– Women are just as horny (or somewhat) as guys because as humans we wake up with our testosterone levels at their highest of the day. So dish out some genuine compliments about waking up to this “angel” and shoo away any insecurities.

There! Now the best part of waking up wont just be what’s “in your cup”.