Photo from buttplug video

Photo from buttplug video

Oh! I am still so clueless on how many people really have no clue about the Mygirlfund site and what it’s all about! If you are familiar with cam sites then think of a site identical in terms of viewing models and taking part in content provided by models (videos, pictures, and other xxx goodies). But then think of how intimate you can truly get with a model entertaining hundreds, maybe thousands of viewers AT ONCE and that’s the only way in which to interact…kinda EH. Right?

Mygirlfund is one on one and much more interactive and genuine and, well, let me just list the benefits:

$1 = 1 credit pricing
Higher spending limits
2-way live video chat (the girl can see & hear you if and when you want)
The ability to send private photos to the girls
The ability to initiate live chat with the girls
Thumbnail Status

Even better list? The 5 different interaction/experiences you could be having RIGHT NOW:

1.Your Girlfriend – I want to give you the whole experience. Tell me about your day and let me distract you from all the “real life” bullshit. You don’t have to worry about any of that while you’re with me. Just enjoy yourself and let me do all of the work πŸ˜‰
2.Spoiled Brat – I want you to spoil me. Give me money so I can go shopping with my friends, buy drinks, and maybe some slutty panties..? Spoil me rotten but be sure to punish me when I throw fits..
3.Blackmail Fantasy – Cheat on your wife? Want to fuck your neighbor? Fantasies so dirty you’ve never told anyone about them before? You can tell me all your secrets, you pathetic little man. But you’d better do everything I say or I might have to tell..
4.Discrete Mistress – Let me cater to all of your dirty fantasies that the lady in your life isn’t adventurous enough to enjoy. I’m ready and willing to satisfy all of your desires and she’ll never have to know πŸ˜‰
5.Sugar Baby – Nothing’s more satisfying than being spoiled by a successful, intelligent, older man. Give me attention, shower me with gifts, sit back, relax, and let me make you feel 20 again…

This is what most girls (including yours truly!) can do as far as a “back and forth”. Doesn’t this sound better than competing with numerous (thousands) other viewers/members and dealing with attitude and/or unappreciative girls? If not, DISREGARD. As you were.