I quit smoking! Laughing


I started smoking when I was about 14 years old. I maybe smoked 5 total cigerettes and each one wasn’t for taking the edge off a hard day of middle school. No, they were for show or “peer pressure” of wanting to fit in with older, cooler kids. Duh.

I didn’t start smoking or rather became a smoker until late 2012. I was just as clueless as the 14 year old version of me smoking but like any fellow nictotine-needer I found my groove. Soon I was one of those people that pledge to quit atleast once a month and dammit if it didn’t stick for more than a week or two. Which is odd because they say after your third day (IN A ROW) of stopping you are past the worst of it. If, and that is a huge “if”, you did it! Yay, go you! ….Now I have gone and done research or anything on this (it would only make me jones for a Parliament light) but I mentally and emotionally (or would that be mood) there is a bit of a hump to day 4. But I was always pretty good about fighting urges with self will. Now the part that I didnt realize was the hardest, harder than nicotine withdrawl was the “act” of it all. I knew I had an oral fixation but I didnt ever plan properly for that need to fill my smoke breaks with another activity.
About two years later I know fully well that bad habits can only be broken by good habits. By “broken” I really mean “replace”!
People do often fear an increase in weight after ditching cigs so they armor up with imitation foods, carrot sticks, celery sticks, etc. That is great. Good for quitting and getting veggies but still for me I wasn’t tricking my addict brain with “veggies”. Hence the large quitting period. As someone with a strong oral fixation I knew I needed a habit basically mimicking that oral action. (Grab your mind out of the gutter because I wasnt pledging a blow job bonanza. Although I don’t knock it!)
I found vaporizers and found my “fix”! I could even stay put if I wanted and start puffing. Ofcourse I smoke a vape oil with 0 mg of nicotine or the whole thing would be pointless. Duh….
So now, 2015 (later in the year,but still) is the year I kicked smoking. I can confidentally state that here. But it wasn’t easy not by a long shot. It took an expensive vaporizer filled with vanilla oil and the occasional aid of a BLACK PEPPER essential oil drop on the roof of my mouth.

Only complaint…..the pepper burps! BLEEH!