Why is it so exciting?

1. It will be tighter, therefore more pleasurable than the vagina.

2. You get to focus on the ass in positions that show off the ass.

3. You can’t get pregnant.

4. It’s different. Switching things up can be fun!

5. It’s a novelty. Most guys want anal just to see if their girl will do it.

Any drawbacks?

1. The elasticity of the anus isn’t like the vagina and excessive stretching can reduce its ability to return to normal.

2. It doesn’t self lubricate like the a vagina does.

3. It has the potential for being messy…like shitty.

4. It can’t make a girl cum.

5. There is the possibility of injury since the anus isn’t meant to be fucked.

How does it feel taking a dick in the ass?

– Even with preparation it hurts at first and feels pretty weird, but once you get going it feels good. So it’s like taking a reverse shit. Then once it loosens up you get a more erotic pressure.

– Now for men anal sex is much better because of the prostate just inside the anus. Stimulation of the prostate alone can cause ejaculation.

– For those in the top position it does feel tighter around the rim but it isn’t as soft and tight on the inside as a vagina. Also, it doesn’t get nearly as wet.

How to prepare for anal sex:

– Get an enema or douche of some sort in order to make sure the asshole is clean.

A great idea is to start out with fingers and toys, like anal beads, butt plugs and dildos especially made for the anus!

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