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How to PORN: SPH

What is it? Small penis humiliation or SPH is “A domination fetish where a man is subjected to comments & gestures about the supposed inadequate size of his penis, & because of such his inability to please a woman, which… Continue Reading →

How to PORN:  Filming Good Quality Videos

What is it? Following four basic rules for filming any content will help you produce only the best content possible. How is it done? 1. Set up your lighting– lighting is the best way to improve the visual quality of… Continue Reading →

How to PORN: Finding Your Niche

What is it? A niche is a special skill or characteristic that appeals to a small, specific audience. A niche can be skin color, like Ebony. It can be a body part, like feet. Even haircolor can be one, just… Continue Reading →

How to PORN: Creating Customs

What is it? When a customer requests a specific kind of video or pic set. Anywhere from the scripting to the length can be customized. Some other customizations might include: wardrobe(or lack thereof), music, quality, format. How is it done?… Continue Reading →

How to PORN: Know your Fetish

What’s your fetish? Acomoclitic – A preference for hairless genitals.  Acousticophilia – Arousal from (certain) sounds.  Acrophilia – Being sexual aroused by heights.  Acrotomophilia – Arousal by the activity/thought of having sex with an amputee.  Actirasty – Arousal from exposure… Continue Reading →

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