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How to PORN: GFE

What is it? GFE or girlfriend experience is the act of pretending to be a guy’s girlfriend, doing everything a real girlfriend might do for her guy. This means getting to really know the guy, having deep somewhat meaningful conversations,… Continue Reading →

How to PORN: Balloon Fetish

What is it? And how is it done? A sexual fetishism is defined as a sexual attraction to an object that plays a big role in his or hers sexuality. Virtually everyone has a fetish of some kind. It can… Continue Reading →

All About Anal

  Why is it so exciting? 1. It will be tighter, therefore more pleasurable than the vagina. 2. You get to focus on the ass in positions that show off the ass. 3. You can’t get pregnant. 4. It’s different…. Continue Reading →

How to Jerk Off!

This week I show you how to jerk off! Whoo hoo WEEK 24! Thanks to pregnancy hormones my sex drive is at an all time whack¬†level aka ME SO HORNY! And with that I confidently explore the pregnancy fetish “niche”… Continue Reading →

How to get Fired from every stripclub in Town

  First and foremost, you must realize that to be fired from any strip club means nothing permanent (and usually nothing personal!). 1. Have sex in the kitchen, with a barback. -Now for this technique you must have a strip… Continue Reading →

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