When I was still shooting porn I would occasionally get to be on the cover. (Which half a decade ago meant A LOT more than it does now…) I wouldn’t ever get to know about it until after the release OR (notice the caps) if I would be performing a “creampie” scene and why the special heads up on that?
Well, it takes about a week or two for shooting. One day to shoot the stills for the scene and ultimately that cover and a weeks or so to come back and have the onscreen intercourse! Why? (Bare with me, I know I’m milking this BUT trust me, you wanna know! No pun intended…because there was no pun.)
I wasn’t really filled to the rim with what looks like a HAPPY ENDING. That shot requires me to lay with my legs behind my head and the director to pour sugary, sugary pina colada mix.
Now what happens when you mix one vagina with 1/3 pina colada mixer, hold the rum, is SPOILER ALERT the recipe for a gnarly vaginal yeast infection, almost immediately. And that takes some time to clear up so about a week later or so the scene can take place as if I hadn’t just been made into a human umbrella drink.
So the moral of the story is either girls really aren’t, in fact, made of “sugar and spice and everything nice”. OR (there’s those caps) again don’t mix cocktails where only COCK should be.