I declare this to be Friday, the day of the fetish! And what better and more well known fetish than that of the foot!

I think the ultimate foot experience would be the FOOT JOB.

During my stint as a naked thespian I did a few different kinds of fjs…. (doesn’t have that ring that “bjs” and “hjs”, huh?)

I filmed one in a huge shower/locker room for a former MLB turned porno flick actor. I enjoyed how much he enjoyed it. As someone who doesn’t share the super fond feelings of feet I have only their reaction to work off of, which was a little daunting when I did a footjob scene that was also a cuckold. Two things I (at the time) had no clue about.


I haven’t really ventured into this fetish outside of the porn world. I recently tried to spice things up and give my boyfriend a footjob. Now this turned out pretty good from a foot lovers perspective, but from another perspective….. it was just a little to weird for us both. Oh well, atleast I got it all on camera….

So remember:
A foot fetish is one of the most innocuous fetishes out there. It’s also safe sex. If you give it a try and discover you like it, then that’s great, and if it does nothing to you, at least you’ll have a fun/awkward story. If you are curious about it, explore it with your partner. Play around with her foot with your own. If your partner takes good care of their feet, give a compliment and caress them. Have fun with it. #FootFetish.

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