Picture 326With a new month and no post yet I thought what better way to start it than with a short list of things you are about to learn about me! It’s just 10 quick facts I jotted down…

1. I have never, now brace yourself, seen Star Wars.
2. I actually am not 100 like my profile suggests. I am 29 and a half years old!
3. I proudly wear the title “hipster” but possibly more in a not title way but necklace way….I haven’t taken my handlebar mustache around my neck since receiving it off my wishlist (LOVE that thing!) back in 2011.
4. I am addicted to POST ITs. It’s pretty bad.
5. I lost my virginity at the tender age of 20 years old.
6. I am very sarcastic. (And if you didn’t get that from the previous fact, ya know, #5, then, well… *sigh*
7. I have 3 tattoos. All in special secretive spots on my body.
8. I have an Australian Shepherd who is almost 5 and goes by Henry Waffles. Although I usually call him Aladdin since he is always thieving on my Skittles! Oh and I don’t just love this dog, I am obsessed. It’s pretty bad.
9. I will be able to speak spanish, soon. (Got Rosetta Stone for my birthday this year! Love that wishlist, man!)
10. I can answer any sex question. My confidence in that fact comes from being a former pornstar 🙂

Now if I didn’t lose you with the Star Wars confession share your 10 with me!