The top 5 girls who have the most guys register on from now until the contest deadline (Nov.1st) will receive a cash prize.

And a pretty decent one, $500!
Every month the site holds a contest (girls only, sorry) for the most UNIQUE VISITORS.

What do you mean by unique visitors? Unique visitors simply mean that we do not count how many total visits your page receives but rather how many real people actually visit your profile. So in other words, don’t bother clicking on your own url and registering fake accounts. It won’t help you win and you’ll only wind up with a sore fingers!

So if you see this screen below, you are doing it wrong!
login (1)

Make sure you go to my page FIRST! —>


From my profile page is where you wanna sign up for your FREE account


Then wait for email confirmation activation bologna blah blah blah….and send me a message by clicking on the GIRL’S tab at the top and search mspage.


AND for helping me out with this contest I will send you ANY video listed on my profile PLUS a custom photo set of any 5 poses/positions what have you