The “beautiful bitch”- She is so pretty and pretty darn mean, but whatever. Intimidation is that feeling that consumes you while watching her….that other one is called a boner.

The non-nude- She doesn’t do the cum shows like expected or even take her top off! However, she will have a genuine interaction with you about most any topic and for this “conversing” you tip.

The “guys girl”- She is cute no doubt, but not solely based on her looks but her ability to seem totally approachable. You’ll enjoy her personality almost as much as you enjoy watching her cum show.

The “European girl”- She has a name but feel free to call her “bb”. You know that vulgar type of speak you spew at, oh say, a whore? You can implement that shit with these girls. She isn’t here for romance or getting to know each other. Plan on paying for “pleasantries” like that. Plan on paying for A LOT.

Courtney Page