First and foremost, you must realize that to be fired from any strip club means nothing permanent (and usually nothing personal!).

1. Have sex in the kitchen, with a barback.
-Now for this technique you must have a strip club offering food (most do, mostly buffet)
-You should have some interest in a low-level employee such as “barback”, bouncer, whatever you have useful.
-Be lazy enough to know that going to either his place or yours is too much investment. You will be familiar with the club and its after hours atmosphere from waiting until all customers have left and you can be safely walked to your vehicle.
-Lastly and most important, be recorded on camera, usually forgotten about until footage is presented to you in manager’s office later at next shift.

2. Stick up for yourself
-By this I do not mean standing up verbally, I mean I clean roundhouse kick with your sharpest stiletto stripper heel to the face.
-By pass being able to state your side of the story by doing this move right up on stage, naked.
-There is nothing like kicking some ass in nothing but a g-string however you will also be scolded and sent away in said g-string…keep that in mind.

3. Get swept up in “Cleaning house”
-Every so often a strip club must “clean house”. Meaning, get rid of all the riff raff and shady characters in the club. This can also include drug dealer’s and their significant others. Although the most shocking and upsetting, this dismissal should be viewed as the most temporary. A simple parting in ways from such questionable company can reinstate even the most ratchet of dancers.

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