For some, rescuing an animal is fulfilling. I am not some.

Last year while meeting one of my neighbors one through a mutual neighbor/friend(turned later UBER bitch) I shared my porn career, why wouldn’t I? NO shame there from me! If anything, too much pride. Any time I feel compelled to omit my porno persona while getting to know them is because I know they will react obnoxiously or offended. I like to avoid both kinds!

Not obnoxiously but more oddly was my read on this particular neighbor, we’ll call him Dick. Now Dick, after hearing my work history surprised me with a gift. HE didn’t even know I would be meeting him, keep in mind. So welcome wagon gift? No, not really. Not a coupon book or soap basket. A big thick dong! Not even a dildo but a got damn DONG. And it is. just let me say, ridic. I cant even fit it in my mouth. Me!

Useless unless I need to gape my butthole or straight up choke. So, again, useless….poor dong.