After a longish 24 hours of waiting to experience the “Wonderful World of Amazing Sea-Monkeys” the wait was over! Halloween night set into motion the “time travelers asleep in biological time capsul es journey into the future!”……or the process of “cryptobiosis”, according to scientists.
What’s next? Well hold on to your seats. In exactly 5 days, November the 5th on a Wednesday, I believe, or “Hump Day” the critters hatch and swim into my life. Never to be the same again.

I felt it important to capture every amazing moment. From the purifying of the water which in my opinion made the water much, much dirtier. Like tap water. From the bathroom faucet. In Mexico.


After ripping open the packet marked 2 and pouring the contents into the water I looked on to empty packet next to the tank (is it considered a tank? hmm) and felt like what all those first season Teen Moms from MTV staring at the most obviously ripped condom. *sigh*


Grabbed a quick picture with the little crustaceans and then it was time for night-night.


What a whirlwind of emotions as the future completely unknown! Oh except names. Well one. Tallulah is the firsrt name and then from there I will see how many there truly are. I may need to consult baby name books (not for ideas, but for keeping every “miracle” accounted for! Joy!


Oh and found some sparklers! So that happened too.