In an industry that values a young fresh face I haven’t been one to ever shy away from my age because I know I certainly don’t look the age I present to the world. Not a huge deal. If you met me and I spoke my age you might act a bit stunned (if you’re polite!) but when the same age is in written form like say a description or profile attribute, the age is fine the way it is. Yes. On paper I can get away with that late twenties claim of stature. That is not good. And I am starting to realize just how “not good” this REAL age is when it comes to my online persona.
When I was filming I would tell my real age on set (even though my agencies would say much younger ages for me my whole career). It was ok if I wasn’t really 22 because I was there in the buff LOOKING 22 years old. Now if I had shown up looking 32 than that would have been Problem City, population me! I can only imagine a much older person appearing for a photo shoot that is calling for a decade(s) younger in age. But eh, not my problem. Well, not til now….
I am noticing that many of the young ladies I work alongside with on say cam sites or any of the many other sites you can catch me on I seem to be the only one aging! In fact in some cases I am among a few “Benjamin Button” bitches or something! Now with some I notice the slight change over the years or months and whatever if it’s subtle than do your thang, girl. BUT, some chicas are fresh into their twenties. Brand spankin new, like new to legal drinking….ok…?
First off, how do guys not call girls out on this? I mean some aren’t even doing any math or anything and putting themselves at illegal ages to have first been camming or shooting mustache movies! Sidebar: mustache movies is something I just learned as another way to say porn. I love that!
Back to…..LIFE, BACK TO REALITY! See I am old enough to know En Vogue because I am actually 28 years old. Always have been. Well atleast since last month (my birthday,duh)and I don’t plan on succumbing to age peer pressure, ageism? I don’t know. But its frustrating to think that my place in the age spectrum is costing me potential customers or fans. Oh, you know what? I just realized I never gave a second point for the last paragraph. Hmm.
Blame it on old age?