Jersey Chasers: Definiton AND What it means to be one NOW as opposed to the EIGHTIES

A Jersey Chaser is a girl who literally chases after jerseys, but with professional athletes in them!
A spawn of the fangirl nation, a Jersey Chaser was far and few between due to the 3 requirements in order to “hang” with someone like Magic Johnson.
Must be gorgeous
Must dress provocatively
and MUST DO THINGS….*wink*
Thanks to social media the structure of hoop hook ups is determined by the ladies. Sites like Instagram give females public protection as far as being “wronged” goes. Meaning, screenshots of naughty texts can be uploaded (leaked *wink*) online for all to see and, what’s more, is the following fanbase of most chasers is notable enough to do some serious economic damage!
Chances are if you play in the NBA or married one of those fellows that most free time is spent supervising social media for any postcoital activities. This type of “scandal” is just that, scandalous, because of the nature in which we the public view professional athletes. It just makes more sense to see relation-shipped up NBA players with a hush-hush list of girls who can keep things discreet. Little ho community, if you will.
Don’t just apply this behind the scenes action to players. Drake was stated last month in COSMOPOLITAN magazine to use the Instagram direct message option to meet some girls. (I started following immediately after reading that and have yet to see Drizzy show me some of his Worst Behavior….I will keep you posted though!)