My first interactions with this “musician” were just that, more than one encounter at the same time. Plural! At the time I had no clue I was talking to the same person but through multiple twitter accounts. I know that most people have more than one social media account. Me, personally, I have a handful. I use them for this or that, no interacting with anyone who knows me as @xxxpage pretending to be a different person completely. I can promise you, reader, right now. I WILL NEVER DECEIVE YOU THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA. I wont set up traps or trick you. Now I will observe from afar, from one of my other accounts purely so I dont accidentally converse with you. I have had my twitter account hacked afew times. Only once was it damaging and that was when someone attempted to delete @xxxpage. The only thing I have had consistently in my life since 2009 is Twitter. It may sound silly to value such an annoyance in todays light. But its the only one I keep up with when I hate it, educated myself to apply its use correctly in my life, and now , sadly, rarely use like I did when it was purely fun, not obligatory.

Having said that, I hope you get an idea how important I take interactions on Twitter. It’s the only site where you are guaranteed a response, if not just knowing I read your message sent! Maybe I shouldn’t be so open in my tweets or should keep things much more professional but once I discovered this site as a means to talk directly to my fans and to those I admire and new people I would never have known otherwise?! That is huge to me.

I have the worst memory. I did however always remember the republican porn account because it was an odd combo. I dont really rememebr my first time talking with “musician” but I remember the pic was really strange (Stranger still is when this exploded the picture even tamed out, same dude in the pic though).

I cant recall the back and forth we exchanged through MyFreecams LIVE while I was working, but I remember being extremely annoyed along with some other viewers in my room. I learned from a good source that losing control of your webcam room can ultimately be your downfall. Now, I warned this person “STOP” I will ban you. I hate to do  it, but banning is simply the only thing that will silence a troublesome cam viewer.

When I cant run my cam room due to a “troll” or whatever, I immediately try to extinguish it. This time I simply pushed the flames over to another outlet and surprisingly saw a nasty negative side of someone I thought was good people. Also, they lashed out through more than one account, same exact time….. two twitter accounts I thought were not connected were attacking me? I am a big girl, the tweets with mean words werent the problem. The problem was how much trust I then,RIGHT THEN, realized I put in every twitter peep I encounter. I dont ever want to be bitter and I am constantly preaching this to friends about life in general.

But is bitter better?