It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…..fucking goddamn iPhone. In every single girl’s hand over on Myfreecams. This is how I know I’m well mannered…or got a shitty phone. Either way, I find myself observing the models and their cam-rooms that never dip below 500-600 viewers. I just always wait for someone to say SOMETHING. A troll, whatever. Nope. I usually peace out when big tips get posted in the room and it disturbs the models texting. Really?! Really dudes? I don’t expect much from pervs and even less from freeloaders but this a new low. *sigh* Then to top it off the room gets a brisk scolding for not tipping enough.

Exit a pouty model.

Listen to me, you fucking shits. Yes, you “gentlemen”. Make your way to a girls room, oh say, around the 1600 camscore level. Now not the freak a leak tricks sticking hitachis up their cunts. Skip them. Eh.

The girls with few viewers and aren’t completely busted looking are essentially those top row ladies. We just haven’t become jaded. Yet.

Not yet….xo

Oh and PS (you probably thinking PMS, but naw) The iPhone makes cameos in the videos they have. Trust, their ain’t an app for that.