If you’ve seen one TWERK video you have seen them all….or have you?

I have a total of three twerking videos and sometimes I wonder “Why not more?” (come on, have you seen the badonk?)

The reason why NOT MORE is because they haven’t turned out this magnificent visually! I got the logo in there, the best song, the best editing of ANY of my solo videos, and best of all NUDITY! I keep the undies on in all my twerks with the occasional tease but nothing XXX. Well that is not the case with my newest booty shaking video!

You just gotta check out my flight attendant themed ass drop! Wanna see it for only a buck? Follow these instructions:

1. Visit http://mygirlfund.com/public/mspage
2. From my profile page sign up for your FREE account.
3. Send me a message on the site letting me know you signed up!

Then I send it to you!