I should’ve known I wasn’t gonna be able to comprehend instructions in a “how to” video about solving a rubik’s cube when they said color has little to do with the toy. It’s about knowing the names of the moves…OH! And knowing that the center color’s opposite color so you know your looking at the cube right.

Um, I just bought this damn thing so I could give my ADHD brain something to gnaw on. Something to busy my fidgety hands. A tip I read about as a calming tool. I was nearly in the corner rocking back and forth after watching 4 minutes of these kiddos attempt the most basic “trick” called a white cross. What was I thinking?!

Oh I know!

I was thinking this is a toy for ages 8 YEARS & UP. And that I had just watched a model performing live do it while she discussed stupid stuff, not paying attention to the cube at all only to glance down and see she had solved it. “There goes my ADD!” she laughed. Like it was no big deal.

Yeah, laugh away you undercover genius!

Anyway, I refuse to give up. Or let myself watch any of those videos online of the kids solving it in seconds, blindfolded, asleep. Well maybe not asleep but whatever.