27434_250x150_2075442_pPerhaps you have seen the social media hashtag #nomakeup on sites like Instagram and Twitter. It’s yet another way to show just how well we fit into this idea social media dominated culture who supposedly values inner beauty over outer, supposedly. And it doesn’t help that guys raving about a girl who can be beautiful just as is, no maintenance or fuss (ahem, just listen to a damn Drake song). It is great that girls are being sent the message of natural beauty blah,blah,blah. Now the not great part is the camgirls and whore wanna-be posers posting, frequently, a fresh faced #nofilter photo that is taking away from the fantasy that is a cammodel. You know, the girl who would fuck you right or listen and not nag, basically whatever a wife or girlfriend might be doing in reality and viewers escape that real woman in there life (or lack there of) for the fantasy woman online.

If I am a guy going to Myfreecams to relax, blow off steam from a day of stress, like relationship drama, I’m not looking for a female to get real with me or let me into her “special world” by seeing her before the old war paint goes on. I want my fantasy to be in the image always of what I am not getting from my significant other. And if my thing happens to be seeing a girl who has gotten all dolled up for me why the fuck would I ever want to see her without that get up on? Fantasy isn’t about compromise and accepting flaws or even getting deep with details like family/friend fights and fucking mensies. No. I cant image most men include details farther than a first name, if that!

So its great that when a model feels comfortable in her skin but that is a selfish act on her part, I feel. Being the whore that isn’t a possibility in real life better be made up like a hooker!!

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Courtney Page