I was ALMOST raped playing Pokemon GO

I use the word ALMOST loosely…like it could also mean “not at all”.
Let me just state that if you haven’t ever run out of poke balls and had a never before seen Pokemon just appear on your screen, like come right up to you and all you can do is NOTHING because your fresh out of balls, you are lucky. OR you are one of the handful of people in the world that isn’t TRYIN TO CATCH EM ALL, at all.
I have been staying at a hotel the past few weeks as my search for an apartment goes miserably. The parking lot across from where I am staying has a Poke stop. All the way at the other end of the damn thing but it has one and I needed to get some balls bad. Soooo.
Now maybe 1 in the morning isn’t an ideal time to be walking around playing Pokemon GO but it doesn’t really seem too scary in this area. I mean granted there are A LOT of homeless folks hanging around, but all of them are in wheel chairs, for some reason. Like every single one of them. I have no idea why. And you know what’s even more confusing than that is they all move around the sidewalks and stuff pulling themselves with their legs. You know, like when your desk chair gets too far from your desk so you scooch yourself up to it. They all move like that. They cross the busy streets like that. They ultimately confuse and creep me out simultaneously like that. *lost in thought about of the wheelchair scoochers* ……What was I talking about?
Oh! So yeah. Even though I am in a relatively nice part of town, and the parking lot was well lit, and Henry Waffles was there and will bite a bitch for me. Something COULD have happened….
Well I gotta go…..play Pokemon GO. Just kidding. I’m not kidding.
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