This is a weird one.

I was babysitting yesterday and when the kids came over they had whoopie cushions. No biggie but the second I heard it I immediately thought “hey! I could just use that for all those requests I get to make custom fart videos!”. I immediately thought after that first thought, “really, Courtney? smh”…..can you think about shaking your head at your own self?

Back to the toots. Well in my case “fake farts”. See, I, for reasons that puzzle even me, get fart fetishist asking me to partake in whatever that entails. Bleeh.

If you can’t tell by my judgy tone, I find this fetish quite repulsive. I also know that doesn’t matter when it comes to making xxx videos. I mean, I fucked a guy wearing a large cheese pizza (still in the box!) around his boner….I can promise you I don’t do that in my own real bedroom. Do not even have the slightest urge and I love me some pizza!

In fact, I did a lot of things in my past porn career that I still to this day am like “really? …ok.”. And I guess now I draw the line for my own amatuer content at what my initial reaction is or how I feel about it. If I feel just overwhelmed with confusion THAT’S A NO. If I can’t take it seriously THAT’S A NO. Or if I think that will haunt me later (and remember, I got the pizza porn out there and I am totally fine with it) THAT’S A NO.

Busting ass and recording it is a big fat NO. But at the same time I am so bummed (no pun intended) that I am missing out on making money doing just about the easiest thing in the world (besides lying on your back, BA DUM TSS!)