Well if you didn’t know this about me let me inform you, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! I have my whole life and I’m actually not that bad at it. I occasionally forget this hobby/passion until I find myself NEEDING it! When does snapping a few shots act as a necessary activity? For me, when calming down a panic attack, the act of shooting and the reveal of the fully developed (but certainly not shakin!) photo are just a couple of reasons why a panic attack that I encounter every so often takes a thing like clicking at whatever I find photogenic. Only downside maybe is knowing the polaroids can come out with bad lighting or not the shot you thought and its only like 10 damn pics in a box! That erks me the most! 10 isn’t nearly enough.

Polaroids remain my favorite form of self expression (aka photography). There really is nothing like taking a pic and then having that very photo instantly in the physical instead of digitally. Its simple and satisfying.

Plus we all need a break from selfies sometimes!