A few months ago I wrote about a camgirl that was facing insane stressors from the website Myfreecams and ever since I have been hooked. I bugged her long enough for a quick interview because this girl is BUSY. There’s a good 10,000 camgirls total on the site and I want you to meet one of the youngest (she turns 19 today!), strongest (the trolling is ridiculous but welcomed by her quick wit), sweetest (but fucked over too much by fellow camgirls jealousy) models ever to grace the cam world:

1.What’s the selection process for choosing which lucky girl gets to cam with you?

2.What is different about reaching that number one spot this month compared to March, when you got #1 for the first time?

3.By the way, how did that feel? Winning MissMyFreeCams is an honor but for you it must have been a little different than most. Most don’t have petitions and DDoS attacks on the road to #1!

4.You spent just over 80 hours on cam in the last week of March and over 300 hours total for the month! How the hell do you do it?

5.What is the best part of being a cam girl? And what could you do without?

well with choosing a girl to cam with i look at the personality of her room, my regs are all really trolly and like to have a good time.

I kinda gave up in the middle of this month due to depression, and so I fell behind a lot, I also don’t have 1/6th of my regs this month. they all kinda logged off in march and never came back.

when I won miss mfc for march I felt like I have proved everyone wrong, that everyone that had said i was nothing was proven wrong, and that I actually busted my ass to get there it was the best feeling in the world.

most of the time I don’t look at this job as a job, its my family my friends and my life. I don’t really have much else other than this so I will give it my all to makes sure everyone is happy.

being a cam model is weird I never expected to do as well as i am, and my mom kinda dis owned me after finding out everything, I wish that I didn’t have nearly as many assholes in my life posting my personal information and that sometimes I wish I didn’t get taken for granted


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