I saw this in Netflix earlier this past week and added it to my “List” and moved on. No real urgency to view this documentary about the adult industry until I saw someone post a tweet about the film and be so openly affected by its content. What I thought was a little indie movie about porn with an insight into the performers experience at the amature level was so not that. A branch of porn open strictly to those resembling tween ages and natural bodies, no fake tits, atleast “not until you do MILF for now young looking is how to get booked.” Which is truth but still bothersome to me. This “2015 Sundance Film Festival breakout documentary” was something to sit through. BLEEH.

See, I originally watched to see what I thought was an inside look to a part of the adult industry that is quite different from the more mainstream, more popular, more recognized form of porn. It was not. It was awful.

Let me get the positive stuff out there to begin,so as not to give the impression that maybe I need to take a chill pill.

I really liked the photo used as the “movie poster”. Also, the length was about 80 minutes and after those eighty-some minutes I was not yearning for more. So those two things are a win. Well done.

What I didn’t care for was the film school tricks applied throughout the movie. Now as someone who did not attend film school I can only assume this was trickery that is from school. I don’t think a single scene captured the ladies doing the amatuer thing beautifully. Really bad skin. Even after a model sits in a makeup chair anxiously awaiting her scene back from a brief break, the end result reveals her “transformation into her cute, young, personality she created for herself while filming but alas pimples remain unfazed and uncovered. The women depicted are not by any means goblins, but blemishes are present so much so it distracts from the actual girl especially the main girl who eventually “crumbles” under porn pressure (and her bastard of a boyfriend bullshit). I feel the constant pizza face appearance is to make the viewer feel immediate pity, sympathy/empathy for a 19 year old who got into the biz becasue living with the parental controls was infringing on her freedoms. DUMB. Running away from home at 19 is called moving out and/or becoming an adult, not anything else. And if you think it does and can totally be a “thing” 19 year olds escaping strict home life do, film smut and gain that oh so sought after freedom then you are wrong. You are more specifically wrong when one of the girls recalls her very first scene shot, a “forced blow job”, and ends with licking her own vomit off the carpet from the large dildos stuffed down her throat while being berated with hate speech….wrong, see?

And MY GOD, could they fit anymore shots of the dog looking sadly at the girls and the brand new puppy playing innocently around all the whores and a dude not calling himself his real title of PIMP. Oh and by the way, in porn if you are not a whore I feel you should bone up on your whoring skills or stop doing the whole thing. Prudes that make porn are obvious and awkward. So please don’t take that as a dig at the girls. Although one girl sounded dumb on such a high level that I had to include: the performer was none too happy with her scene! And onced finished fucking and showered off. Douched up..or would it be out…. Either way, she was peeved by the fact that it felt like work.

Her job felt like work. Who’da thunk it?

To her I wish I could say, THESE SHOOTS AREN’T DATES GONE HORRIBLY RIGHT. It is a job, even if it’s just a blowjob.

Spoiler alert: the film ends with one model who only weeks before claimed to have “the world in her hands” and sky is the limit attitude broken and bitter. Finished shooting porn after realizing 15 minutes into a shoot she just did was what it must feel like when being raped. And not only this girl, but every girl documented do not break the 6 month mark of being an amatuer adult performer.

Well, darn it if I just ruined this film for you. But actually it was ruined way earlier… When?? When the description contained the word “exploit” instead of experience.