Just another Saturday…
I started my day (my Saturday, specifically) early hanging out in the MFC (myfreecams…you should know that by now!) Lounge. Reserved for thee sites perviest peeps. What is usually kinda blah totally wasnt! Warm welcome by the guys in between shit talking and pimping models. Nice!

I lost a good part of my morning on Amazon “editing” my WIshlist and catching up on my Spongebob. Ya know, just doing whatever the hell it is I do. Then took some super naughty snapchats, tweeted, and checked my horoscope.
Me personally, I am fascinated by horoscopes, ESPECIALLY when they are spooky right on details! I could take it or leave it on days that DO NOT match up.
Then I showered up and scared Henry waffles with a puppet I found in the closet. It was pretty damn funny!
About noonish I start, truly start, my day with a smoke and absorbation of some daylight. Then planned on getting on cam but instead read a book as thick as a steak on Law and lost 2 hours. Thats too much reading. SO to make up wasted time (in my mind) I got cam ready then really shook stuff up! Oh baby! Ready to hear what I did?! ok….
I wasted an hour, get this, READING! As you can tell this day is pretty cray cray so far and it was only mide afternoon! Wild stuff!
After all that I just shaved half my head before joining my godparents for evening church. Havent been to a church since I was 13 years old and pretty much left my christianity upbringing to mandatory involvement forced my mother.
Just another Saturday. I goofed off. I drastically changed my appearance and didnt even have a legit reason like being dumped by a guy or something. (Fyi, wanna know if a girl has just been through a break up, compare her hair length, color, style, texture, etc. to before it fucking changed.) I wasnt dumped however I had been thinking about the shave for many months. Wasnt spur of the moment. Trust me! After styling my new “do” I got ready for Church and then went to church. NOt only that, LOVED church. See, I always felt like a spirtual person but not religious. I saw religion as a thing for those fearing hell and spiritualiaty as what you are after going through hell.
Brought a bible home (not stolen!) which I plan on actually ready the darn thing now I feel its relevant.

To sum up. Super stoopid saturday! (thats good by the way)
How did your weekend start out? I know some are Yom Kippuring it up, right? Right on.
Feel free to take a gander at my new revised Amazon Wishlist, everything is necessary on that list down to the Shrinky Dinks and 1984 Clapper.


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