Thanksgiving – Just like the holiday, Thanksgiving is when you do a girl and then she puts her two big butt cheeks on your face like holiday hams. An overcooked thanksgiving is similar to this but instead of just putting the cheeks on your head she farts on it too. 

The Beverly Hills Whiffer -This move is restricted to those women who think they’re God’s gift to the world. Find a woman of the above description. Take her home and start doggie styling her. When you’re about to blow, corkscrew two fingers into her ass, scraping as much shit as you can from her. Pull out your fingers, reach around her head to stick one finger in each nostril. Pull her head back so she can see you while you yell “So, you think your shit don’t stink now ?!” 

Spicey Stanley – When a girl takes hot sauce and pours it on your cock. She then proceeds to give you a blowjob, making sure all of the hot sauce is gone.

Toboggan – when you attack from behind on your partner, push them and then ride them down the stairs like a tobaggon sled. 

Snowball – this is after your partner gives you head and then when you cum in her mouth she attempts to make out with you. 

Milking The Cow – Have sex with a girl with a rubber on, then afterwards pull the rubber off ever so carefully so that all of your specimens are in the bottom then while laying down after sex hold it upside down over her face and use the condom while pretend your milking cow utters.

The Pirate Maker – When your sitting on a girls face and she’s sucking on your nuts, you start poking her in the eye with your cock. 

Ali – When giving a guy a blowjob, start punching his nutsack as if it were apunching bag.

The Lloyd Bridges – When she’s giving the head job and you’re just about to blow, twitch and yell “Who is it?” She will look around. Blow in her ear. She will look confused, and will jerk her head repeatedly to one side, just like Lloyd Bridges did to get the seawater out of his ear in Sea Hunt. (For those too young to remember, he was a crime-busting scuba diver). 

The Triple Crown of Sex – In the yapper, the snapper and the crapper all in the same session.

Shanghai Stirfry – when a girl gives you a blowjob, pukes all over your cock and keeps going. 

A Hot Carl – when you withdraw your shaft from the bowels of her anus and place it directly into her mouth for a cleaning

The Halmstad Hook – This is a unique sequence of events named after a town in Sweden, where this apparently happens quite frequently. After dumping your spunk in her rear, the sauce is sucked out of the anus by the male. Once the sauce has transferred from her bowls to your mouth–the product that has been created is now known as “Swedish Cheese.” The move is completed when the “Swedish Cheese” is transferred to the ladies mouth via a deep tongue kiss. You can cap this off with a swift stinging slap of her ass to show her how much you care and appreciate all her hard work.

Ralph Malph – puke all up in her snatch while munching her box. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – the act of eating a soft-boiled egg from your girl’s pussy.

Squeegee – when your fucking a girl in the ass, when your about to cum, you stick a pin in one of her ass cheeks, thus making her clench up and cleaning all the shit off your cock as you pull out at the same time. 

 Cunt Trumpet – While down on a chick, place your lips solidly over her love hole and blow, watch her stomach rise as she fills with air. Then, with a firm hand push down on her stomach to let all the air out like the beautiful sound of a trumpet 

The Shocker (aka The Alien) – Two in the Pink and one in the Stink 

Pearl Harbor (for the ladies) – Right after sucking a guy off stand up and spit his jizz right back in his face, then yell “Tora, Tora, Tora!” 

 The Gardener – when you are doing a girl from behind, you pause and yank the hairs(weeds), from her asshole, then you proceed to “sow your seed” by cumming on her anus.

 The Wheelbarrow – Man and woman are going at it doggystyle on the floor, then the man grabs the woman’s legs and stands up, leaving the woman’s arms on the ground, and starts running around the room, continuing to bang away.

words by Page