Fumilingus -When a man (or woman) performs cunnilingus on a woman and she farts directly in his/her face. 

Intoxicourse- Having sexual intercourse whilst piss-drunk.

Insta-gasm -Pre-mature ejaculation at the sight of a beautiful woman. ie: “She was so fine, I had an insta-gasm before I could get her clothes off!”

Pegging – having a female take you in the rear with a strap on. 

 The Twinkler – when you are 69ing a girl and you shove your dick into mouth hard, and you watch her a-hole “twinkle” as she gags. 

Angry dragon – This involves the girl giving the guy head and as he is about to cum slapping the girl on the back of the head causing the cum to come out her nose. Great care should be used to not slap her mouth shut.

Tony Danza – a takeoff of the donkey punch is called the Tony Danza. When you are about to cum while doing a girl from behind, you say “who’s the boss?” and stick it in her ass. Before she says anything you shout “TONY DANZA!” and punch her in the back of the head.

 Alaskan firedragon – another good take off is one of the angry dragon that is called the alaskan firedragon. When a girl is giving you a blowjob, cum in her mouth unexpectedly and plug up her mouth at the same time. Then whisper in her ear “i have syphilis” so she spews it out her nose.

 The Walrus – when she’s giving u a blowjob and u cum in her mouth unexpectadly, cover up her mouth and punch her in the stomach. 

The Fat Lip – If you get poison ivy and finger a girl, her labia lips will swell. A la, the fat lip.

 Sleeping Bag – If you’re going down on a really fat girl, you pull her enormous stomach roll of fat over your head.

The Houdini – this maneuver is accomplished while going at it doggy style. As you feel you are about to cum, you pull out and spit on the small of her back (making her think you’ve finished…). It’s at the point when she turns around when *BAM!* You bust your load in her face (in the eye if you’ve got proper aiming techniques down.) 

Upperdecking – This one takes practice. This maneuver requires a toilet with a tank above it, like the ones in most homes. Instead of crapping in the bowl, you shit in the tank (i.e. upperdecking). Now don’t flush. When the following victim flushes, the rancid waste fills the bowl. If you play your cards right, it may ferment 

 Journey into darkness – This is the most disturbing of all. It entails shitting into another person’s asshole. Not for beginners.

 Rocky Balboa – dont shower for 2 weeks, then diarrhea down her throat at any point during sexual contact.

The McDonald’s Quick Draw – Get your girlfriend to talk dirty into the intercom, making the order guy start to beat off. Then while pulling up to the window, have her give you falatio till you are about to blow your beefy chunk-load. Upon pulling up to the window, tell your girl friend to yell “Draw!”. Then on “three”, both you and the guy blow your loads either on her or eachother.

Airtight – this is where a girl has a cock in each of her three holes, hence, airtight.

words by Page