If you don’t know, I (as well as EVERY single other model) have a PREMIUM member account on MyFreecams. I like to hang out in the lounge and observe the convo usually or perv on a model. NEVER A TROLL. Lately I have been focusing extra hardcore on my clips and the numerous sites that offer stores to sell them and then studying other stores and girls to maybe learn SOMETHING. Still no mentor for me. But I do not blame the different dommes I asked, they all said the same thing about giving up on helping girls. And with good reason. Those hefers didn’t follow directions to the T!!! All capital and shit, too!  I mean come on, out of any possible situation where you need to follow HELPFUL instructions this is not the place to be a punk!

While discussing this very topic with a girl kind enough to answer a few of my questions I was hanging out in the lounge. It’s roughly 3 am so I am not expecting the All Star line up by any means but the group of gals broadcasting was something out of a…not nightmare but opposite of a wet dream…whatever that would be. Now when I hang out in the lounge of a live porn site I expect the most superficial, contradicting, shit talking gossip about the ladies presently performing. Honestly its usually pretty fucking tame. Lame-sauce, usually, but with this group of performers the discussion was shit talking, well “guy-shit talking” which is no where on the level of girls talking but that’s because guys just stick to the facts and, I guess, feel the need to not NEED to talk about a spec of a detail not even noticeable to the naked eye! Ya know, tiny shit that is(even existing?) damaging/devastating while remaining exceptionally small in importance? That’s that sugar and spice,  key ingredients to what makes girls GIRLS, oh and throw or sprinkle in everything nice. That’s females.


OK that’s enough recipe swappin. Back to the girl with, sigh, her face tattooed. See I already wanna get into it but that isn’t the point. The conversation was so twisted. All the guys predicting suicide show times and basically just trying to out do each other in shock value conserving. Fine by me but the site was loaded with ishtar looking models. I know for a fact I clicked into at least one mentally challenged room (not by choice!) and/or dude playing a girl online (happens all the time!) and nobody discussed them. They were focused on the tatted up 36 year old easy target. If my disappointment seems displaced it is with good reason! Because I cant keep a fucking schedule, I (with only myself to blame) am mixed up camming  with gremlins and real goblins and it just is upsetting! With lollygag time factored in ALWAYS it takes me forever to get ready for cam. All dolled up and I don’t even stand out?! I am drowning in a sea of faint mustaches (not the good kind) and cream cheese pussies! Yuck, dude. YUCK.

Hopefully a change of SHOWTIME will help me feel like at least I am trying and if it isn’t going well its because a pretty girl with a set schedule is on. That I can live with. But not failure by ugos. No.