July 23rd 2012

I am bummed I forgot my goodie bag! That shit had rolling papers, condoms in colorful colors and predetermined lube pockets. Plus that male enhancement pill! I forgot my Urban X Awards loot but that’s ok, I just really wanted the dress the girl in front of me was wearing! It was so red and shiny and sparkly and she stuffed her ginormous boobies in it so they poured out the top, mmm. I leaned over and exclaimed in delight at her outfit and she in return told me it was about $7000, Dolce and Gabana. I was impressed, the thing was gorgeous and on anyone else I would have understood fully the splurge but this young lady happen to be a pornstar. A pornstar at a porn awards show! That’s just too much money on a dress that would be off and on the floor in what I’m sure was hours later. AW, pornstars. Will we ever learn how to spend our money right? God I hope not!

Last night I attended the Urban X Awards show. It was kinda spontaneous, kinda not. I knew about the event weeks ago but I didn’t think I would have the best time EVER at an awards show that is geared towards the black xxx community. Not because I am racist, you stupid idiot. Because I am the perfect example of what NOT to do when you are a fresh face pornstarlet, all bright eyed and bushy-tailed. When I joined the biz I was misdirected by my agent. I was informed “Pretty girls do not do anal or black guys!” Not at first at least. I spent my whole time in the industry holding out on big pay days for my first anal scene and my first IR (interracial) scene.

I know, I know, interracial?! Whaa? Back when I was strictly a LATINA I was still able to hold out for a IR scene that would be a big deal. But by the time I was like fuck it, my IR scene was just a regular scene and not one I felt very welcomed to even do! I can’t tell you how many times I have been called racist. DUMB. Trust me, if I had known that scenes with black dudes would not have in fact hurt my xxx career I would have been doing movies like “YOU BLACK MOTHERFUCKER, FUCK MY BIG BLACK BOOTY BECAUSE I FUCK BLACK DICKS ATTACHED TO BLACK GUYS WHO LIKE TO FUCK WITH SAID BLACK DICKS #22”

A mixed girl who only fucks white cock looks foolish, in my eyes.

Oh well. And as for that anal scene….never got my holding out price of $25,000, which is what the going price was when I started porn back in 2007. *sigh*

ALL of that aside I had a pretty great time! I had no idea who anyone was. I was surprised by some of the pornstars I either had never heard of or just didn’t pay much attention too previously. I definitely found my future baby mama with a booty that refuses to QUIT. My god! I didn’t know booties came like that! Oh wow and I was introduced to some male talent (or rather I just introduced myself cuz I was treating meet and greet time at the end as more of a buffet….yum!) that I would love to work with in th future, scratch that, will actually be working with because I set up plans right there on the spot! Now I am a sucker for voices, especially raspy ones. One raspy voiced guy is about to be stalked, hardcore. Yeah. I would get creepy with him. Totally. Mmmhmmm.
Excuse that detour to Creepsville….. Besides meeting dishy, dark dudes I finally met MISTY STONE! I am a fan, got damn! I walked up while I was still being introduced and she hugged me. What a nice change from the tacky “hiiiiiii” paired with a handshake of about 3 fingers. Bleeh. I LOVE YOU MISTY STONE! She smelled so freaking good. Like wow. Yeah I am a weirdo, shut up. Thats not even the end, nope. I was standing in the aisle and I saw a man that in my book is straight up TERRIFYING. I mean, I read about him on rotten.com, heard horror stories and everything. Like facing the boogie man I forced myself to go up to him and introduce myself. When he looked at me his face lit up! He was so freaking nice! Then he wanted so many pics with me. He even gave me his business card, asking if I had one while fumbling for one of his in his wallet. “I would just love to shoot with you! You are so petite!” I just nodded and was like “oh wow, hey [Gia Jordan] girl take our pic!” That was my answer. I had no idea what to say! After poking fun at how thin each other were and calling/complimenting a title of anorexic, Gia walked away and that’s when he just picked me up (uh, no panties under my mini skirt) and got a shot identical to what I would later see was on his business card….


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