Shy of a full year blogging, monthly if not weekly most of that time, and I still have no clue what I am doing with “”. I think of and create a new blog “niche” every single month (at least!) and never fully latched on to a blog style. Not comfortably. I may have gone back and forth or “one hit wondered” an idea but to this day I have no clue what my post content should and shouldn’t contain……makes it kinda hard to dedicate myself like I wish (and want to) I could.
What’s the problem?
I love to write, good at the written word. I get caught up in writing “people-pleaser” blogs or topics. Stuff that maybe I don’t feel like even writing about. BAD COURTNEY! Bad!
Listen, I love it if you like my blogs, but I gotta stop writing for the “reader” and write just for me. For you. Wait, what?