I read this article titled “PORNSTAR ENTREPRENEURS FIND NEW HOMES ON MESSAGING APPS” on a pretty popular news source, CNN… You’ve heard of them, right? cnn

Right! It’s explained in the CNN,Money article just how adult performers (and the like) make that money while also making a point of not pursuing the stripper route or *gasp* escorting! Most importantly they mentioned a huge site that is kinda off the radar still but kinda awesome! It’s called Mygirlfund and “After you’ve created a profile on our site, you’re free to chat with sexy girls to your heart’s content. Send a message to any girl in our community who catches your eye, but don’t be surprised if she gets to you first!”. It couldnt be easier or more valid for both XXX fans and performers!
– Because as the adult industry continues to destroy itself with TUBE sites and lackluster performers fans still need that smut! This is a great way to get porn! It can be customized with specific wardrobe, make-up, and even words….like your own name! Hearing your own name in a porn might be the ultimate experience for the more avid porn viewer!
– Because options point blank for the pornstar of 2015 is webcamming and/or clipsite content. It’s a must not only for the lack of money shooting scenes but for the very much desired “approachable” characterisitic for fans to see. Adult models must be (or seem..) very fan-friendly, example, FUCK A FAN…..You can be percieved however you like.
And the most important thing to take from this while thinking about joining a site like Mygirlfund is:
“while other sites will limit your interactions, we give you the ability to truly connect with our girls one-on-one, whether for a day or for years to come. Get to know each other better and see where the interaction takes you.”
Now spam happens but so does real conversations and intimacy you wont find on ANY camsite.
So to recap:
⦁ Joining is FREE (and not kinda free but the kind that requires NO CREDIT CARD info!)
⦁ …..what else do you really need to know besides the above FACT??
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