What can webcam modeling get you? Well if you are just naughty enough and oh-so-eye-catching then possibly a celebrity! I thought the most notable model on Myfreecams was Jenna Jameson but being MIA after a few weeks of shows has been easily topped by cam girl Niki Skyler aka Drew Carey’s “scandalous secret girlfriend”. And what may have started as a sugar daddy situation in 2012 when Carey found her online “performing” quickly turned to much more when the two met up at the 2012 AVNs. From there? Her very own $60,000 home in Hollywood!

Now whether or not this pair goes the distance (marriage?) there is a huge message to be taken for all cam models. Join a cam site, perform risqué shows, gain notoriety, and know that landing a celebrity is a real possible outcome. And if that doesn’t appeal to ya, then, surely the 5 figure monthly income should. 

I say good for Drew Carey and his “XXX romance”!

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