Social media is an obligation more then anything. I mean my Facebook got hacked this past week and it took me until this week to fix it. I wasn’t really that bummed. I see Facebook as a necessary evil, no wait, SUPER EVIL.

That being said I do still love Instagram. For now. I especially like that Justin Bieber lost 20 million followers recently when the site cleared all spam and inactive accounts. Mase (old raper turned pastor turned back to rapper who is lame) lost so many he quit the site completely!

I try to venture outside of just reviewing my own pictures from time to time. I recently looked at the account @cosmosextips and, uh, WHAT THE FUCK?!

The True Love Test: Combine a shot of vodka, a shot of fireball, a dash of cinnamon and a full tampon’s worth of your own period blood into a martini glass. Garnish with fresh shaved nutmeg. Serve to your boyfriend at room temperature. If he drinks the whole thing with a satisfied smile, you’ll know his love for you is real. If he hesitates, run for the hills, girl! He DOESN’T deserve you. #CosmoSexTip

It’s basically dopey pictures of couples or whatever accompanied by, you guessed it, tips. Sex tips, dating tips, etc.

Why or how is this “test-tip a TIP? It is absurd! You know what is also absurd? You not following my account on Instagram. Follow mine and I promise not to test you!