“Why are your teeth so white?” or “How much money do you make?” and even “SO whats the deal with STD/AIDs?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  Is this really how you talk to the opposite sex? Just because you’ve seen my Betty (my vagina) and even my Black Betty (take a guess) doesn’t mean basic manners and social skills go out the fucking door! My teeth are white cuz of this thing called toothpaste, chief. What do I get paid per scene? Unless this is an audit the answer is ENOUGH TO MAKE A LIVING! Oh and as for the last one, the answer is fuck off or fuck you, both work pretty well. I sometimes wish I DID (God forbid)have something, because I would leave it for just for you, right there on that mustache!

Now if your reading this and thinking “Whoa, hey now, you pornstar. You GODDAMN stunning pornstar, calm down! I am just a curious and/or excited fan and I don’t know how to act. It’s not my fault!” Well then, I give you this to think about…You know that moment when your, uh, releasing full tension because of a noise, position, phrase, look, or awesome pop shot involving moi, for those tingly seconds or many minutes if you’re lucky enough to be a chick cumming (nice!). I worked really hard so you could feel that amazing! Just as hard as any homemaker, or songwriter, or teacher. Pornstars are hard workers and deserve the same admiration and respect as the local volunteer or random do-gooder (most cases that’s still us). Please remember this next time your manners take a backseat.


Leave that alone, it’s a test!

Good job! See it’s not that harrrrrd, is it?

Oh, plus, porn stars are fucking kooky-tunes! We are talking shit-in-the-bed, roll around in it, crazy-bananas! The seemingly normal ones? The cra-zaziest of all! When you think pornstar you should be thinking crazy super sex charged individual with a shamefree existence pretty much….


Courtney Page
image e7
(I will cut you.)