The Female Orgasms, Will that be for here or to go?

Welcome to Page’s Cafe! Here is a menu and might I suggest EVERY DAMN THING ON THERE?

Clitoral- 8,000 nerve endings. Need I say more? (Oh I do? OK, the penis only has 4000…)

Vaginal- served RARE, as in very rare occurrence but oh so tingly

Cervical- OUT OF SEASON (even I am not belieiving this one!)

Thinking Off- THE BRAIN, a true delicacy

Analgasm- bum. Yum.

Chocogasms- Recommended by ANY female who ever had some PMS.

Turbulencegasm- also known as the PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES prepared with vibrations

Eargasm- kinda gives new meaning to WET WILLY

Boobgasm- Arent nipples truly just the clitori of the chest anyway?

Birthgasm- MUST pre-order 9 months in advance!

Coregasm- for those who want a lighter, healthier choice.

Tomatogasm- You say tomato we say to-maht-gasm

Simultaneous orgasm- perfect for couples

Multiple-now avaialable to general public, not just PORNSTARS

Any orgies of more than 4 added 15% gratuity